Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Objectives of my Financial Planning

1.      Immediate
1)      Preparedness for personal unforeseen adverse situations like poor health, accident, death, etc., so that my mother who is dependent on me can survive.
2)      Preparedness foe adverse situations like Job gap, Job change, etc.
3)      Preparedness for the adverse situation like related to mother-poor health, accident, death and after death expenses for the religious rituals.
2.      Short Term
1)      Paying of the debt of Shri PJ, who claims to have given Rs.25000+5000 for my admission confirmation fees in the management course. (He wanted me to marry his daughter, but I have not agreed, feeling the match to be unmatched and exerting that it’s my personal right to take decision on selecting my other half.)  Paid the debt through internet banking. Started to pay in installments on 4th May 2010. Rs.(5000 X 2) (Salary from Nandan Biomatrix)+(4000 X 5) (Salary from GROWMORE BIOTECH LTD.) Finished on 8/11 January 2011. Job Gap effect July and August.
2)      Paying the EMI of the education loan
3)      Buying a laptop to increase my efficiency and employability.

3.      Middle Term
1)      Marriage (budget)
2)      Gaya shradh of my Father.
3)      Purchase of Desktop computer, television and DVD player
4)      Maintenance of self, mother and the wife
5)      Pregnancy, Child birth, Health care of the wife. (1 to 2 child)
6)      Investment for the future of child (fixed deposit/mutual fund, etc.)

4.      Long term
1)      Education of child
2)      Different religious rituals of child.
3)      Repair/Reconstruction of my somewhat dilapidated house.
4)      Development of water reservoirs.
5)      Development of property.
6)      Investment in some business development
7)      Purchase of Vehicle
8)      Financial support to the relatives, who possibly may get into the problems.
9)      Cooperating in settling some of the loans of my father.
10)  Higher education of child, their career.
11)  Marriage of child.
12)  Pilgrimage. 

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