Sunday, July 3, 2011

Paradoxical/Marginal Man

In last few months, while staying in my maternal village, I have realized that I am a strange case of a Paradoxical or Marginal character. I like to narrate, why I feel so :
  • Between Rich (quiet good fixed and undivided asset) and Poor (often have very less liquid asset).
  • Between Joint (quiet large) and Nuclear (very small) family.
  • Between Digital (cyber cafe/others computer) and Non digital (village economy, almost without electricity).
  • Between Guardian and No guardian.
  • Between Relatives/Friends/Relations and No relatives/friends/Relations.
  • Between family and individualism.
  • Between different states and country.
  • Between different languages (Hindi and Tamil, Gujarati and Bengali, English and Sanskrit, Maithili and Bhojpuri).
  • Between different Religions and Castes.
  • Between Urban and Rural life.
  • Between Celibacy and Indulgence.
  • Between Thrifty/Miser and Extravagant/Prodigality.
  • Between North, South, East and West.
  • Between Radio and Television.
  • Between Starvation and "Rich" food (vegetarian).
  • Between Education/learned and Ignorance/Learner.
  • Between Cowardice and Bravery.
  • Between Workaholic and Holidayer.
  • Between "Covered" and "Naked".
  • Between Serious speaker and loose commenter.
  • Between Naked truth and Mystery.
  • Between Known and Unknown.
  • Between Liberal and Extremist.
  • Between Boring and Interesting.
  • Between Old and Young.
  • Between Laggard and Leader.
  • Between Day and Night.
  • Between Beauty and Ugliness.
  • Between Healthy and Unhealthy.
  • Between Fortune and Misfortune.
  • Between Foot/Paddle operated  and Motorized vehicle.
  • Between Attached and Detached.
  • Between Hierarchy and Egalitarianism.
  • Between Tidy (Clean) and Untidy(Dirty).
  • Between Normal and Abnormal.
  • Between Slow/Lazy and Fast/Active.
  • Between Governance and No Governance.
  • Between Stagnation and Free-Flow.
  • Between Future, Present and Past.
  • Between Male and Female.
  • Between Risk Taker and Risk Averse.
  • Between Truth and Lie.
  • Between Job and Job Gap.
  • Between Mass and Class.
  • Between House, Hotel/Lodge and Paying guest.
  • Between Auto, Bus, Train and Plane.
Think also of "बिन पेन्दी का लोटा", Bamboo, Whale, Dolphin, India, Sun, etc.

Sun remains where it is, the earth moves around it, but it appears that the Sun is moving. Likewise, Situation/Environment makes many people to exhibit different contrary forms of behaviors or adaptations.

India is a biggest Paradoxical country.